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to add safety

Along with glare control, the darkness of the window film can provide varying degrees of daytime privacy.

​to reduce that harsh glare

​to be more comfortable and save energy

​to reduce fading

Does the light from your windows get so bright that it causes you to squint, or even be such a strain on your eyes that you get headaches? Is the glare intense enough to be bothersome while you're trying to watch television? Window film will provide shading to whatever degree you need. Glare reduction is only determined by the darkness of the film. Choose a very light film when glare isn't an issue, or choose a darker film for more glare control.

In the event of your window glass ever getting broken or shattered, window film can provide added safety by holding all or most of the glass together.


Fading of your furnishings is inevitable and will occur whether exposure is from intense sunlight over a short period of time or weak sunlight over a long period of time. The use of solar control window film will drastically reduce fading. Yes, even northern-facing windows still allow UV light inwards, causing fading as well. Our solar films block 99% of the harmful UV, and Vista films block 99.9%.

​to add daytime privacy

Do you have areas that get noticeably warmer when the sun is pouring in? Reduce the solar heat gain with window film! There are many different films from which to choose, depending on your own particular needs. If you're in the need for maintaining the room's heat as well, window films with a lower emissivity rating than the glass are available. If you're looking for the ultimate in high-performance low-emissivity films, check out Vista's Enerlogic window film. Regardless what performance fits your needs in either residential or commercial applications, we have the right film for you. 

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Your floors and furnishings are expensive! Protect them from the beginning to 

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