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I began doing window tinting in my high school days, tinting cars for friends in my parents' garage just outside Lima, Ohio. In the beginning, I ordered some instructional videos and learned through trial-and-error. While attending Northwestern College (now known as University Of Northwestern Ohio), I began working for a well-known aftermarket shop as a full-time window tinter. Just after a couple weeks, a representative from the window film manufacturer I was using at the time paid a visit. He asked if I ever considered residential and commercial window tinting, otherwise known as flat-glass tinting. At the time, I had no idea what that was. He informed me there was going to be a seminar in the upcoming weeks in Detroit, MI, and I was invited. After attending the weekend seminar, I knew this was the business for me. In 2001, I moved to the Dayton area to start working for another aftermarket shop while I got things in order, and officially started Film Solutions in 2002.

When it comes to working in people's homes, I realize they sometimes feel like they're gambling on the job they're contracting to have done. I have had my own experiences hiring contractors at my own home. I'll tell you something that is extremely rare: I schedule the appointments and make the visit to assess the job and give the proposal, and I am the one who does the work. There's never any confusion. How often does that happen when hiring a contractor? Also, I'm proud to say I am the only Master Accredited Specialist from the International Window Film Association in the State Of Ohio. No one else can tell you this. Film Solutions is the company I started, and it's my livelihood. You can be assured choosing my company will get you the best possible installation.

Jason Jones


Business is really very simple. You do the job correctly the first time! How difficult is that? Unfortunately, there are many people in this industry (and many others) who just want to get a job done as quickly as they can and slack on quality. I said it to myself in the beginning that I never wanted to push growth, but rather remain organic. Over the years, I have witnessed some area companies go out of business because they were trying to do more volume than they should have been, hired inexperienced installers, and didn't take the time to do things correctly. Every job that has ever required more than my own two hands has been supervised by me. 

Here's a little history to start...